Initative “Kieberei, was geht!? – “Cops, What’s up!?”

‘Kieberei, was geht!? (Cops, What’s Up!?) – Initiative against Police on our Streets’ provides legal information and documents police harassment by collecting accounts of experiences with the police. It was founded in spring 2016 out of the need to intervene against massive police harassment, especially against people of colour. The reason was the introduction of a stricter drug law, with which racist ‘stop and search’ practices were becoming more visible and normalised. The initiative not only intervenes against racist police harassment, but against all forms of police on our streets: No police is a solution too!

If you…

  • … experience racist police cotrols
  • … observe police harassment
  • … experience repression while/because of observing in solidarity
  • … intervened sucessfully

… feel free to send us a report of your experience and we are happy to publish it on our blog!

We also meet regulary – you can write us, if you want to join!

Contact: wasgeht [at] riseup.net